The Judges

Each year, Amway UK handpicks a panel of judges who really understand what it takes to be successful in business.



Introducing Kelly Hoppen MBE

We are delighted to introduce Multi-Award Winning Interior Home Designer and ex-Dragon’s Den, Kelly Hoppen MBE as our lead judge. Kelly brings excellent credentials to the panel, having started her career at the age of 16 and a half when she was given the opportunity to design a family friend’s kitchen. Today, she designs for a number of celebrities, has authored eight books and launched her first e-commerce store, in January 2014.

What Kelly is looking for in a winning entry: "An amazing idea that really captivates my imagination. It must be commercially sound too."

Kelly’s Top Tip for your entry form: "Make sure that your entry is really exciting. Avoid jargon – tell me in real words why your business venture is a knock-out idea."


To support Kelly Hoppen MBE, we have four judges who come with a wealth of experience and insight into what makes a successful entrepreneur.




Sheryl Franklin-Worth – Amway UK Corporate and PR Manager 

Sheryl has many years’ experience in Corporate and Consumer Public Relations and is a representative member of the UK’s Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA).   A key part of her role at Amway UK Ltd is promoting entrepreneurship.

Sheryl has headed up Britain’s Top Real Role Model for the last five years. She feels very passionate about supporting entrepreneurship in today’s modern world and is an avid supporter of new business owners striving to make a difference in their communities.

Sheryl has been involved in every Britain’s Top Real Role Model competition to date, and always finds the applicants’ stories incredibly inspiring.

What Sheryl is looking for in the winning entry: "I believe it takes a very special person to remain committed during challenging times. So I am looking for someone who has fought against the odds to succeed."

Sheryl’s Top Tip for your entry form: "Do share the obstacles you overcame to get your business venture off the ground."




Husband and Wife Team, Mark and Kiran Kutan – Amway Business Owners

If anyone can relate to being successful entrepreneurs, it’s Mark and Kiran. Both are Amway Business Owners, which means that they distribute Amway’s beauty, nutrition and household products to their own customers.

What Kiran and Mark are looking for in the winning entry: "A lot of planning went into setting up a successful business, so we are interested in the approach you took when setting up your company.

Mark and Kiran’s Top Tip for your entry form: "Demonstrate that you understand your market, your customer, your competition and what your point of difference is."




Louise Webster, founder of and Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2014 winner

Who better to judge than someone who has applied for the competition before – and won! Passionate about the potential collective talents of parents across the world and the desire to create positive change through business, Louise established, an enterprise that is a place to inspire, engage and connect parents with the wider working world. Her journey has taken Louise to Downing Street twice and she is regularly invited to comment on the issues of mothers and the workplace.

What Louise is looking for in the winning entry: "As a working mum, I can relate to the entrepreneur working around their family and lifestyle needs. I want to see that the 2015 winner LOVES what they do. I am looking for real passion and energy."

Louise’s Top Tip for your entry form: "What are the benefits of running your own business? Don’t forget to highlight the emotional achievements alongside the financial rewards."